Former Ms WC Nevada Title Holders

The Battle Born State former title holders

About Ms. Wheelchair Nevada: A division of the Ms. Wheelchair America program, Ms. Wheelchair Nevada is a disability advocacy program which seeks to select the most articulate and accomplished spokeswoman to represent persons with disabilities in the state of Nevada and at the national level. Candidates are judged on their accomplishments since the onset of their disability, involvement with their respective communities, ability to relate to the media and the general public; also their self-perception and self-projection, poise and personal appearance. Ms. Wheelchair Nevada is a symbol of the dignity and productiveness of disabled persons. The selected candidate must communicate both the needs and the accomplishments of the disability community to the general public, the business community and the government.

2019 Rachel Husar

2017 Tammy Townsend


Rhoda Mills, 2012 Ms. Wheelchair Nevada:

In 1996 Rhoda was the victim of a gunshot wound as the result of domestic violence but she hasn’t let it stop her from moving on. As a single mom of three amazing young adults, she works full time, volunteers in her community and church, and still finds times to be an advocate for people with disabilities! She has dedicated much of her time to important causes like the homeless, low income seniors and veterans. She currently works for the Clark County Assessor’s office and has an extensive volunteer background working with the Americorps Program, which focused on a reintegration program for homeless veterans. Rhoda has also served on the State of Nevada’s Independent Living Council.

As the 2012 Ms. Wheelchair Nevada, Rhoda was the first titleholder since the 1980’s and helped bring this title back to life. She spent her reign breaking down the stereotypes of what women with disabilities are capable of and showing everyone in Nevada that through hard work and determination you can achieve success. She traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, August 6-12, and competed in 2013 Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant and Leadership Institute, and had the opportunity to launch the “Be COOL”-Constantly Overcoming Obstacles in Life campaign. The campaign focuses on showcasing the talents, accomplishments, and testimonies of other individuals with disabilities and has been promoted through the use of technology and social media. This year she has participated in numerous special events, and developed partnerships with organizations in her community. She has been a shining example of what we can all achieve while being a “Be COOL” advocate.



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1986 Donna Cline and runner up Madonna Long

Donna Cline 1986 Ms Wheelchair NV